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Jayme Vallieres, BA, MAC
Paper Conservator


Jayme Vallieres is a Paper Conservator specializing in the treatment of fine art on paper and archival documents. Jayme graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelors degree in Art History. During her Bachelor’s degree, Jayme studied in Italy at the CESMA Institute learning traditional European conservation techniques for a variety of materials including paper, fresco, marble and gilded wood. Jayme earned her Masters in Art Conservation specializing in paper-based objects.


Jayme has studied with senior conservators at cultural heritage institutions like Library and Archives Canada, and the Canadian Conservation Institute. She worked with the New Brunswick Museum on the award winning Miller Brittain Conservation Project, which undertook the treatment of 11 large-scale drawings significant to the region and the history of Canada.


Jayme also worked with the Archives Society of Alberta Flood Remediation Program initiated in the aftermath of the 2013 flooding of Southern Alberta. Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Jayme treated flood damaged archival ledgers and documents from the Museum of the Highwood.


Jayme enjoys working with Fine Art, particularly watercolours, etchings and engravings. She is also skilled in treatment of photographs, archival documents, family records and diplomas, parchment, maps, drawings, lithographs and other paper based artistic materials. She has expertise with archival framing and re-housing for your collections and will advise on storage and display conditions, along with preservation strategies for your collections.



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